Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today summer arrived. The air conditioning roars, the ceiling fans are on, while my short sleeves are unfashionably (and uncomfortably) rolled right up to my shoulders. The dogs are passed out over two of the vents, while the cat curls blissfully next to the third. Three flies are contesting territorial rights of the window, and the horses have not moved from the watering trough since 10 a.m.

I am envisioning tall glasses of iced mint julep (did you know julep is from the Persian for 'rose water'? does it actually exist? has anyone ever had one?) with the cold condensation slowly and sensually trickling down the sides.

I can picture having a glorious water-fight or a hot and sweaty outside job and then someone (tall,, dark and handsome) brings me that imaginary mint julep and fans me with a giant palm frond.

Reality check here - I'm doing what I always do when it's this hot - go take a nap.


Harmony said...

Wow, from this post it sounds like someone needs a cold shower! I think the phrase "slowly and sensually" was used. Mother, now I'm going to need therapy!

You're word verification today is lilqzJOY!