Thursday, May 29, 2008


This is sort of unreal, and yet it seems to be developing into a habit - switching between two completely unrelated shows to avoid commercials.

Lost alone is confusing enough to someone like me with absolutely no short term memory (although right now I am loving the fact that it looks like Ben is going to die slowly and painfully - keep your fingers crossed), but combine that with a wide variety of very poor amateur comedians.

Wait, it may just be luck of the draw that I switch over only when the bad comedians are on... or, again, they are just not funny.

Lost once again is simply astonishing me with how good people can look after being on a deserted island - I'd love to look that good while here in civilization.

Wait a minute, I live in Palominas - that's not anywhere NEAR civilization.

And it's just gotten MORE confusing - now I'm switching between Lost and The Office.

Do they have support groups for things like this?


Jen said...

Holy cow. I am doing the exact same strange channel-hopping RIGHT NOW. And also trying to thoughtfully comment on your blog at the same time.

So I am REALLY confused. And some of these comics really suck. And I am totally going to have to watch Lost again from the beginning. (And how come EVERY TIME I switch over to Last Comic Standing they are showing some chick with GIANT fake boobs? Oh, now she's dancing. She is totally on the wrong show)

Just Hope said...

Thank you for making me feel better. But "thoughtfully comment" on my blog?! PLEEEEEASE! Rag me as much as you CAN - I come from a strange family that thrived on insults (which is one of the reasons I have such a strange marriage - my husband's family would have drawn sabers at dawn to half the stuff my family would regularly toss around the dinner table).

And yes, much of Last Comic Standing seemed to be bad body humor - never got to see who won, however, so that might be the winning ticket, right?