Friday, May 30, 2008


It has just been one of those days. I did NOT want to go anywhere, just hang out at home. So guess what? My printer got stuck to the point where I (queen of unsticking printers and vacuums and almost any computer glitch - Ctrl-Alt-Delete) took the printer apart to the point where I was becoming concerned about being able to put it back together again.

Solution? Nice guy at a toner supply place - $5 and 10 minutes - working smooth - but a 20 minute drive into town.

I did NOT want to get sunburned (which is difficult when you are as lilly-white as I am) - took the dogs for a walk and just went a little bit further... and then, gosh, the horses need water... and hey, I need to mix up some fresh fly spray (believe it or not, Listerine and baby oil - and it WORKS)...

So by the time I got back inside, yes, I was sunburned.

And I did NOT want to deal with someone who had, at least in conversation, threatened both to kill several people and quit his job. So, brilliant me, I figure, okay, I'm sunburned, I'm running late due to driving into town late afternoon - I'll take a NAP, and just be ASLEEP when someone gets home.
Okay, so I feed the horses early, make certain the dogs are okay, and SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP

And when I wake up, not certain is someone has 'arrived', I go BACK to sleep.

So guess what - when I finally get up.... no one is home. I could have had ALL that "Russell" time and I LOST it.



Harmony said...

This is how obsessed with LOST I am.

I read "I could have had all that Russell time and I LOST it" and I thought: "Well, she watched LOST? Was Sawyer shirtless? Then time well spent!"

(I'm a loser. Disown me now.)

I just found this LOST website that generates Sawyer's nickname for you. It said I was "Prince Charming" NOT exactly what I would want Sawyer to call me. Hmph.

Just Hope said...

Now I HAVE to know how to get Sawyer's nickname for ME... let's see, "Shortie Mama", maybe "Horse Lady" - send me the web address, and I'll let you know what I come up with!