Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you had been born 100 years before? 20 years before? Even one year before? I mean, even one year would mean you would have been with that cooler senior class - you might have had an inspiring teacher in calculus instead of that scary old lady who made you swear off mathematics after your junior year - you might been stepped on by a dinosaur when you were ten (oh, wait a minute, that WAS when I was ten).

I am somehow convinced that if I had been born just a bit LATER I would be into graphic design. The first computer I worked on was with a black screen, green letters and a c: prompt, for goodness sake - there was no such THING as computer graphics.

So I grew up making signs the old fashioned way - cardboard and paint. Signs for yard sales, signs to sell cars, signs for horse owners with their horse's name - signs signs signs.

Tonight I'm making signs for my neighbor's yard sale this weekend, and actually enjoying it. If I had some way to blow-up my little computer images, they would be way more professional, but I think they are okay for a yard sale.
(And isn't this last one just the cutest thing you've ever seen?)


Harmony said...

You've got to see "Wristcutters: A Love Story" Totally weird movie, but one of the characters is obsessed with signs.

You are getting some kind of compensation of this professional-level yard sale sign making, right? Anything you want from the 10 cent pile. No? Girl, you got robbed.

Just Hope said...

Actually, I have demanded 98% of any and all profits from the two-day yard sale, besides first-dibs on all jewelery, old issues of People magazines, and toilet paper holders. I think I am going to come out ahead.