Saturday, June 21, 2008


What a dream vacation I am having; I am sucking down my second extra-large Diet Coke of the day typing on the hotel's computer in the main lobby after leaving my husband and mother-in-law both snoring in her living room. My backpack is stowed in the ugliest hotel room I have ever imagined - not filthy, or yucky, but just UGLY - and the only meal I've had today consisted on french toast that tasted just like scrambled eggs - or perhaps it was actually scrambled eggs that just LOOKED like french toast.

This town reminds me of West-By-God-Virginia (not the nice sections with DC commuters) in that 62% of the population appears to have married extremely close relations with bad teeth and frizzled hair. I am feeling quite thin (and at 185 lbs. that says something) and high-class (give a moment to let the laughter die down after that).

However, the rental car is a nice Mazda sedan, I've reading a couple of new books, I have Harmony on retainer so I can call her whenever I begin to really flip out, and although it is incredibly hot, humid and overcast, at least air conditioning has been invented.

How much trouble do you think I would be in if I simply got in the rental and drove back to Arizona?


Harmony said...

Why would you DRIVE back to Arizona?

You would FLY to Hawaii.

Think woman, think. If you're running away, let's make it cause a little trouble!