Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My husband hates change. In particular, he hates furniture being changed. My dear sweet mother-in-law has kept her furniture in the EXACT same position for 49 years now - literally.

Now, if I don't rearrange the furniture occasionally, the area underneath it (and, let's be honest here, generally the area within six meters AROUND it) never gets cleaned. And I like certain types of change - changes that I instigate.

So I am moving everything in my bedroom (which is at the other end of the house from his bedroom - the ultimate snore monster) around in an effort to follow basic feng shui basics. Some of it is working - I moved my bed, and I am sleeping better.

But one of the basics is to not keep any electronic/exercise equipment in the bedroom, or to separate it from the sleeping area. Since I do have a study area (used for the computer and a great deal of junk politely referred to as 'projects'), I am trying to isolate all the negative forces in that area.

This is one way to keep my instinctual furnishing-rearranging happy. And, in my dreams, I may actually finish it.... by the end of the month? August? 2012?
Bets are now being taken.