Friday, July 18, 2008


Why do we seek/feel the need for sympathy? If someone else is feeling sorry for/about us (I don't know where this sudden/unexpected use of / came from but I'm not going to fight it), it helps.

But why? Empathy doesn't end our pain or discomfort (at least I didn't use / there for pain/discomfort... ARGH!) - reality isn't changed in any way - but still we search for outside... not approval, not even understanding, but some odd form of sanction/concurrence/compassion (I'm sorry, there must be some twelve-step program for this, so somebody send me the website address immediately).

Okay, now I'm really confused/befuddled - am I trying to explain why we seek something from others, or do I need deep psychological therapy to learn why // s are all over the place now?!?