Thursday, August 28, 2008


Some things are exactly as I remember them - blue sky, constant breeze, green green mountains, smiling person in mumus and aloha shirts. Some things have changed - three interstate highways ('interstate' means federally funded, not going between states - it would be a very wet drive otherwise), six lanes of traffic and actual traffic jams.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I adjusted to the 95% humidity. It does help that southern Arizona actually had a monsoon this summer, but the 35% that we moan and groan about it really nothing in comparison to Hawaii. And I'm certain simply BEING here with family is what has helped with any weather, time or comfort adjustment.

But I haven't been to the beach - I haven't driven back to view any old haunts - I really haven't been out of the house much except to take my grandson to and from kindergarten (private school, half hour away - and double the gas prices from the mainland). I'm mostly vegging watching Kate play and having our normal jump-from-subject-to-subject conversation with my daughter.

I am loving it.