Saturday, August 30, 2008


Is it possible to miss something that you have never had? One of my favorite theories is that everyone experiences what I call 'celestial homesickness.' We all long for someplace better - a home with understanding, acceptance, and love - and I think it is a remnant of what we experienced in our pre-mortal existence.

But I grew up with the ocean, albeit 45 miles or so away. And adored hitting the beach every possible moment while living on Oahu in the 80's; began 'serious' jogging (although combining the words 'jogging' and 'serious' in the same sentence is more than ludicrous) in Waikiki Park along the beachfront; and actually got into good enough shape while living in Hawaii to not dread being seen in a swimsuit.

Tonight, all those memories came rushing back as my daughter and I stood by the waves hitting the beach.

You don't realize what you've got until someone takes it away.


nikki said...

I believe in Celestial homesickness too - sounds just like what i experience on occasion. I hope you are still enjoying Hawaii.