Friday, August 8, 2008


I am watching the opening ceremonies, and I must say, crying like a baby. One of those incredible displays of what should, in an ideal world, be something normal - people putting aside their political, religious, cultural and language differences, and joining together in an event.

(Of course, I could write an entire additional blog about the silliness of sports and competition, but I'll set that aside for now).

And one of those most poignant moments? With the flag-bearer for the China delegation (that 7'8" guy who plays basketball in the U.S. - Yao Ming, I think?) was little boy, eight or nine years old, I'd guess. He was at school when that horrible earthquake struck in China a few months ago, crawled out from the rubble, and then crawled back in to save two of his schoolmates. When asked why he had gone back in, he said, "I'm one of the class leaders. I was responsible for them."

Can you see why I'm all teary?