Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sally in some ways is like a elderly lady going through a later-than-mid-life crisis. She still is trying to chase (imaginary) younger stallions; she still wants to get pregnant, and now she is playing hard-to-get... with ME now.If I get the colt first back in the pasture, Sally used to race back to be with her baby. Now, she takes a casual look over her shoulder just to make certain where he is, and goes back grazing. And then begins to play tag when I go to catch her.

Yesterday, I turned the tables on her - I put Sally back first, so she suddenly was the one racing up and down the fence, frantically whinning for her baby to 'come back home'.

And today, as extra duty, I RODE her. Sally was so suprised by me sticking a bit in her mouth and actually getting on her back that she actually WALKED instead of her normal prance. I kept it short (before she had time to figure it out), but it felt nice.

Well, sorta nce - even though it was just a few minutes, I am a little bit saddle-sore.