Saturday, September 20, 2008


Sometimes a hearing problem can be a true blessing. You aren't expected to pick up on everything everyone says, I can say I didn't hear the phone and most people believe me, it's easier to ignore people you really don't want to talk to, and for me, at least, it's not difficult to fall asleep - if I roll over on my 'good' ear, almost all sound ceases.

But people get tired of repeating themselves for your benefit, I am constantly asking 'what is that noise?!' when the washer, dryer, refrigerator and/or '65 Mustang next door start up or shut down, and I do miss a lot of every one's conversation if they are not turned towards me so I can lip-read (necessary... nay, essential when more than one person is speaking).

It's be a running 'joke' with more than a little bit of an edge to it with my husband that I have 'convenient' deafness - he believes I can control it at will. It's going to be harder (that's what she said) as I continue to age, and his hearing isn't at all what it used to be - I just see it:

Wilt: Whaddamenekslensseth?

Hope: Excuse me, what did you say?


Hope: I'm sorry, I still don't understand what you are saying.


Hope: You don't have to swear!

Wilt: SEE!?! You CAN hear me!!


Lisa said...

Oh brother. I can't wait to see what Andrew & I will be like someday . . . I have to repeat myself constantly with him already- his hearing is fine normally, but if he's on the computer or something, it's impaired!