Monday, September 22, 2008


"The Office" begins again, and barring another writer's strike, should have a full season.

Now that I think of it, however, there are a lot of people who affect a television show. I mean, what (God forbid) if John Krasinski got seriously ill and had to spend six months or so recuperating in, say, Southern Arizona - or gets cast as a not-so-sweet character on "NUMB3RS" (an ill-tempered CalTech student that plots against David) - or becomes one of "The Others' on 'Lost' (Juliet's main love interest) - or (worst scenario of all) gets sucked into movie acting (worse for ME because I live a half-hour away from any movie theatre, and I'd have to pay to see him) or goes on Broadway (which means I would curl up in a little ball and simply die).

I mean, sure, some characters like Toby has left, and I can see possibilities for others - Kevin goes to debtor's prison, Darrell moves to take over Ryan's place at corporate, Phyllis opens a dance studio, and Stanley may actually take that job at Utica.


It would be like... well, like if Michael got smart, or Dwight sold his beet farm, or Meredith went sober, or Angelia got... drunk. We need to keep Jim as the one even-tempered, smart, funny and NICE guy (pranks on Dwight don't count).

So everyone hold their breath, cross their fingers, and wait for Thursday (man, I should be paid by NBC for such good advertisement).


Mormor said...

I love this show, too, Hope! I hope it stays as good as it can. Creed is always a favorite of mine, just a bit off-the-wall.