Thursday, September 25, 2008


I will (and have) discussed religion with anybody. I bring up my church membership fairly quickly when I meet someone because 1) it's a huge part of my life and 2) if they would like to know more, it's a good start and 3) hopefully they know a lot of Latter-Day Saints and will immediately realize that I am not a run-of-the-mill Mormon (at least the First Presidency hopes so). In Arizona, at least, everyone seems to 'know' a Mormon from somewhere, and seems to understand that we aren't contagious or dangerous, just fairly 'off.'
But I cannot discuss the upcoming presidential race with any MALE in my family (please notice the distinction) for more than 45 seconds. Even when I fully agree with them. This primal, sweaty and simply dripping with testosterone force rears its ugly head and begins to blindly throw heavy objects around.
I like logic, I like discussion, but with politics somehow words like 'stupid,' 'idiot,' 'liberal,' and 'conservative' are blasted out of a cannon as fodder for their reasoning - it becomes completely emotional and alarming instead of rational, reasonable and sensible. And the ultimate in blasting comes with blanket statements - "he always, she never, they ALL." It's well known to be one the wrongs in any conversation - but in politics it's okay?
All I can do is watch the blood pressure rise, and being to seriously review the basic steps in CPR so when they do have that heart attack, I can at least be prepared.

(And yes, I do get a royalty off Obama's slogan, thank you very much)


Lisa said...

Do you know what would be cool? I wish that there was a news/talk show where they interviewed politicians, and the politicians were not allowed to speak. They could only hold up a sign that says "Yes" or "No". I think that would be awesome.

Sorry, this is not quite on the topic of your post. I just got to thinking about it.