Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am a complete wimp about any temperature lower than 82 degrees Fahrenheit. I am a Southern Californian by birth, a Hawaiian by adoption, and a big, big baby about dealing with any type of weather that might be perceived as cold. I like snow, fall can be beautiful, but I just want to watch it from the window of a nice warm house while I am wrapped in a quilt, sitting on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate (and watching a good movie).

If I could deal with winter, we'd be living in Montana or Wyoming, the two most beautiful states I know of... that are affordable (sorry, Oahu).

So somebody please help me understand something. Tonight is supposed to get down in the 40's. I admit that is a little bit cold. But it ain't gonna freeze, it's clear and dry.

And in direct in response to high propane costs, I am now very much of the opinion to simply dress warmer, put another blanket on the bed, and just DEAL with it.

Now it's my HUSBAND who is nagging me about putting on the heat. This is the same guy that used to leave our bedroom window open in the winter "to get some air' - and I would wake up to SNOW on our bed. This is the proud Oregonian who bragged about walking to school, through snow drifts, with just a light jacket. This is the man who complains BITTERLY about how hot it gets here in the daytime.