Monday, October 20, 2008


I know Harmony is dealing with this on a MUCH larger scale than I am. I mean, she has trouble sleeping, but she has two young, EXTREMELY active children at home. I only have two dogs that love sleeping as much as I do and two horses that only whinny when it approaches their feeding time (the cat is, by definition, sleep personified).

But I missed my nap today. I spent sixteen hours today with an emotional black hole... well, maybe it was only an hour and a half, but it FELT like 16 hours, and that wears me out. I pushed myself at the gym, both with aerobic and weights, and when I finally got home, I was BUSHED.

So, of course, a van drove up to the house, the dogs went crazy barking, and that was the end of any quiet time for me.

However, one of the few nice (?) things about being exhausted, is that sometimes that second wind is actually a THIRD wind - and you're awake very late at night writing in your blog.