Monday, October 27, 2008


I was prompted by this Operation Nice assignment, but am going to try to go beyond the 'regulars' (family, friends, etc.):

- I love my postal carrier for her wonderful attitude about holding my mail, forwarding my mail, all the different names that through the years have been added to and taken from our house. She is always smiling when I see her, remembers my name, and has worked six day weeks for a long, long time.

- I love people who stop and read my truck. For those of you who don't know me (yeah, right - I mean, who else reads this blog besides Harmony and Jen?!), my little white pickup is covered from top to bottom and front to back with bumper 'statements.' And somehow a lot of people are somehow embarrassed to be caught reading one of the 138 that I have (so far) and will turn away quickly when I notice them. So I love the people who keep ON reading, say "What a cool idea!" etc. I especially love the people who are driving behind me, reading the stickers, and moving their lips as they do it.

- I love my mother-in-law. She is taking in her grand-daughter and great-grandson in to live with her indefinitely. Long story there (which I don't care to repeat), but she is doing this without a second thought. She is also having to move 53 years of accumulated junk from the upstairs two bedrooms to the downstairs storage area (and throwing out 75% of it in the process).

- I love my bishop and stake president both. They both work demanding jobs, come home, gulp dinner, and then spend their evenings helping all of us whining, griping and childish church members. And they do it without complaining or losing their tempers or just getting fed up with people who desperately want help but refuse to follow the most basic counsel (i.e. pray, read the scriptures, attend church). I love their smiles and cheerful attitude, all the more because they are genuine.

- I love all the people at my pharmacy. Granted, I have two unusual names (first and last), so maybe I shouldn't give them much credit for remembering my name, but they remember ME. And are STILL nice to me every time.

So - who do you love?