Monday, October 27, 2008


Inspired by my recent observation of some 'real' carpentry on the horse shed, and taking advantage of the perfect weather this afternoon (low 70's, nice breeze, clear skies), I put on my gloves, stuck a hammer in my belt, and headed out to the ole half-complete hay shed this afternoon.

And proceeded to imitate an old Three Stooge's routine, being Larry, Moe and Curly all at once, in addition to being the laughing audience. I dropped things on my head, I lost more screws than I screwed in, I did and un-did and re-did and then un-dided more times than I would care to admit.

But I did keep laughing at myself. I mean, it was that or begin crying and/or give up completely. But since I kept laughing, I got the roof frame UP, and (if all my fantasies come true... no, not that one about John Krasinski) this ##()@)!* roof might actually be ON the hay shed.

Within the next two years, of course.

And I'm REALLY lucky, maybe I can get this guy to help me.