Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am SOOO proud of myself tonight - I put the rest of the roof supports in tonight, AND I put in a window.

Well, if you put the word 'put' in the loosest possible meaning of the word. A more appropriate word might be 'slammedintoplaceandbeingheldtogetherbythreelittle

But the major triangular wood section (see if you can find THAT section in Home Depot) that has been sitting by this uncompleted shed for what, three years, has been PUT UP. It was a major balancing act that I have been dreading and putting off for (obviously, for years).

And guess what? Leaving it out in the rain and cold and hot and bright sunshine warped it JUST PERFECT to perch (precariously, I admit) while I clumsily screwed it in ("That's Why She Said!") at completely random places that looked maybe like would help hold it together.

And for those of you have a short-term memory time of over three sections, the PFRPTYOS title? It stands for "Projects For The Past Year Or So."