Saturday, November 15, 2008


There is some music that each and every time I hear it bring tears to my eyes. I have repeating one eight-minute segment for over an hour now, and keep having to drag the box of Kleenex over.

I will stand outside in sub-freezing temperature if I happen outside just as the moon rises or sets.

I have seen the 'green flash' on the horizon four times now, and it still strikes me as magical beyond belief, even though I understand the scientific rational behind it.

I marvel each and every time I see a hawk rising on the warm thermal air currents - and this is something I see almost each and every day here in southern Arizona.

I can see something like "My Joy is Full" church video and never fail to cry like a newborn baby (completely off the subject, but a comment that I just adore - John McCain right after the election: "Sure, I sleep like a baby. I wake up every two hours and cry.")

The world is full of incredible things, and I am lucky enough to keep discovering and rediscovering so many of them.

Yet I still get irritated each and every time I hear my husband begin to snore - and this is after being married to him more than thirty years (although I insisted on separate bedrooms eight years ago).

I get irked about cat hair - after having the same exceptionally hirsute and constantly shedding animal for not quite ten years.

I still expect drivers to use their turn signals, maintain a safe distance, and keep to the posted speed limits... 'nuff said about that.

And I get furious every time I hear Bill O'Riley speak.

Is it just me?