Thursday, November 20, 2008


I love hearing widely varying opinions.

Wait, let me qualify that.

How about I enjoy listening to views opposing my personal philosophy and/or political opinions which have some basis of rational thought process behind them.

Hmm, not quite enough.

I welcome outlooks that have not been passed on untainted and unchallenged from one generation to another, been installed unconsciously via a long-term relationship (i.e. marriage), and/or have been beaten into someone brain's by long-term exposure to Bill O'Riley, Jon Stewart, Fox News, and/or subject lines that begin "However, **** brings word that ***** creator **** is sneaking __(insert particular extreme political viewpoint here) bashing messages into his **** sitcom, ******* via near-subliminal vanity cards."

There. Now I think it's clear.

I did have a good time meeting with my new book club last night. We had read "3 Cups of Tea", which was a wonderful, stirring true story of a humanitarian.

Regrettably, it was co-authored by a ghost writer who poured all his creative descriptive ability into graphic details like the unfolding drama of riding on top of a truck balanced on the brink of a deep canyon instead of delving into character description, even limited physical portrayal of important individuals, and even a pretense of plot.

Still had fun.