Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have been trying to 'stay in the present moment.' To fully embrace exactly what is happening without thinking ahead (which becomes easier and easier as I age, as is not looking back into the past… I can't remember anything anymore).

I have learned that SOOO very much of our conscious time is spent in the future.

For example, standing in line in the grocery store (which I did for insane amount of time this afternoon - another entire story there, maybe tomorrow's blog). It's very easy to begin thinking, okay, what do I have to do when I get home/tonight after dinner/why didn't I buy that blue dress when it was on sale and/or why DID I buy that blue dress that was on sale?

But when I can pull my thoughts back to what is actually happening at that moment, in reality, not in my head, but standing in that grocery line...

Okay, besides learning that Angelina Joline is pregnant with Donald Trump's love child, that Barack Obama half-step- auntie who is illegally in Massachusetts is actually an alien, and garlic powder can lead to increased virility - I had a very nice conversation with a lady behind me who was 4'10" - the cashier had been working for six hours without a break - they were playing some GREAT 80's music in the background - and I could actually smell both fresh bread and rose petals.... maybe from Frebreeze and Glad Air Fresheners in the shopping cart ahead of me instead of the grocery's 'bakery' and 'florist.'

But I enjoyed the moment. I was there.

At least until the cashier asked me to move on so other shoppers could be helped.