Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am biased, I freely admit. Is there a word or phrase that encompasses state loyalty far beyond any normal parameters - perhaps area allegiance? Country commitment?

Let me explain.
Yes, I know, you were afraid I would say that. ;-)

I am proud of being a native Californian - I'm even prouder of being a Southern Californian who left Los Angeles county many many moons ago. And I'm a little egotistical, perhaps, about being a Hawaiian by adoption. I will happily claim ties to Michigan as both my parents were Michiganders (I just love that word).

However, I will only tersely admit that I lived in Maryland, and if pushed, will acknowledge that I spent 9.5 years beyond what I would want in the area. I never admit that I spent two years in Utah (although I do freely talk about going to BYU - maybe since 'Happy Valley' is located in a alternate reality...). Germany becomes 'Europe' (it sounds so much grander.... and I did regularly drive to the Netherlands, and twice drove into Belgium... by accident).

But Arizona? Oh, yes, I am an Arizonian. I must admit right now that I do stress that I do NOT live in the desert, I live in 'high chaparral' at 5,000 feet elevation, Arizona is not just all Phoenix, I live three miles from the Mexican border and far enough in the boondocks that we don't have cable television.

SO - I have two things to brag about - Barack Obama (Hawaii) and Janet Napolitano (Arizona). In case you haven't been watching the news, that is the President-elect, and newly selected Secretary of Homeland Security in Obama's cabinet.

YAHOO!!! My states ROCK!