Wednesday, December 3, 2008


A package left my house yesterday morning, went through Tucson, then Memphis (Memphis? Why Memphis? To pick up above-average barbecue sauce? Is there any other reason to go to Memphis?), then Honolulu... and THEN this trip got interesting.

At the Honolulu International Airport (which actually is, despite many rumors to the contrary, an airport in American), our package, now disguised as a See's candy pack, was stopped by the ADS Sugar-Police, and was patted down in the continuing effort by the American Diabetes Society to lower the sugar intake on an island whose main export is pineapple, sugar cane and sunburned tourists.
Seizing a momentary hesitation on the guards part (while he was musing "do I begin with the carmels or the mint chocolate first?"), our package ducked under the roped border of the search area and leap onto a passing wheeled-suitcase in the confusion.

Which resulted in our package being delivered to the North Shore of Oahu. Determined to make it to the correct destination before the 3 p.m.deadline, the package underwent another costume change and became a Papa Johns Pizza (knowing that the recipient would refuse delivery of Pizza Hut pizza and counting on the 30 minute delivery guarantee)., and was left on the correct doorstep at 2:15 p.m.

Story told. And amazing to me that this was READ.