Monday, January 26, 2009


Shyly, she looked up through her long luscious lashes, allowing her stunning blue-grey eyes to fully hit the stranger. Her full, pouting lips parted slightly, showing the amazingly brilliant small teeth which only enhance the temptation of her gradually budding smile. A soft giggle, then a sweet shoulder turned, and she escaped back into the house.

Tantalized, the visitor hurried up the steps in pursuit, only to be stopped short by the emergence of a tow-haired giant with eyes of steel. His slim yet powerful body, the product of a five-year exercise program, radiated presence and vibrant intelligence. His tousled thick hair hung over his eyebrows, but did not hide the penetration of piercing judgment in his orbs.

Frozen to the spot for a just an instant, the outsider began a slow retreat which was hastened by an ominous shadow eclipsing the bright sun. The imposing bulk of the formidable grandmother loomed over the lizard, promising only certain doom if he tried any more advances of her grandchildren.

(Hey, it's late at night - best I can do)