Sunday, January 25, 2009


Proposed Schedule for Sunday Morning:

0530 - Awake, shower, shave legs, blow-dry hair

0545 - Study scriptures for Sunday School lesson

0600 - Fix family breakfast of pancakes, eggs and fresh fruit

0700 - Read "Bible Stories For Children" and discuss

0730 - Let grandchildren rinse dishes and load dishwasher

0800 - Leave house for church

What Actually Happened Sunday Morning:

0530 - Hit 'snooze' button.

0545 - Hit 'snooze' button again.

0600 - Decided to skip shower. Will wear extra long-skirt.

0800 - Awake from unintended sleep. Children already awake.

0815 - Dress children in church clothes before breakfast.

0830 - Take church clothes off and let them eat breakfast naked.

0845 - Frozen waffles eaten only partially thawed. Milk to drink.

0900 - Rinse granddaughter covered with milk in kitchen sink.

0915 - Dress both children. Change own outfit due to milk spills.

0945 - Load children in SUV.

1000 - Redress granddaughter due to diaper leak.

1015 - Redress grandson due to spilled juice.

1030 - Take children back instead and turn Wii games on for them.

1045 - Take Vicoden - go to sleep on couch.


Lisa said...

I might use itinerary #2 today, if you don't mind. However, we do have 1:00 church now which helps.

Sailing Past Maturity Straight into Senility said...

I feel better that at least I THOUGHT about taking the kids to church today. As it turned out, it was difficult enough to keep myself together at HOME.

Oh, well, kindergarten starts again tomorrow, so I am certain I can make it though until Harmony's return on Wednesday (however, keep in your prayers, everyone!).

Mormor said...

Great blog entry! You had me scared there for a moment...reading Itinerary #1...I thought I had some real repenting to do. (Well, I guess I always do!) Thanks for making me smile this early in the AM, Hope.