Friday, April 24, 2009


My son and I were watching "The Incredibles" last night (since we couldn't agree on any other show), and we agree there should be more superheros.

We just differ on the type of superhero we think we need.

My son would like super warriors, leaping tall buildings and shooting weapons, accompanied by well-endowed yet muscular female cohort (well, he didn't actually say that, but since he's a fairly normal young man....).

I want a masseuse super-hero - one that shows up right when you realize your back is sore, but long before it's sore enough that you realize you are taking far more than the daily-recommended-allowance of extra-strength Tylenol. (and yeah, I do like the look of this guy).

My daughter would assign me a personal-shopper super-hero - one that can purchase clothes that I look good in, in the correct size and color, deliver them to me and (most important of all) remind me when it would be my best clothing choice.

I am so anti-style that if left to my own devices, I'd wear my jeans, an old t-shirt and my boots anywhere - including church.

And I need someone around who will monitor my diet 24/7, to offer me oranges and cored apples to lead me away from the mass of chocolate I devour hourly, serve me tall glasses of Crystal Light with ice and mint juleps to keep me away from my Dr. Peppers and Diet Cokes.

Of course, this last super hero would have to be invisible, silent, and able to withstand all my crankiness about not getting what I originally wanted.

So, what super hero would you create just for yourself?


Lisa said...

I definitely would love that 'diet monitor'.

Anyone who could get my son to sit through 3 hours of church reverently would qualify as a superhero in my book.