Saturday, August 22, 2009


You are working late one night. Your coworkers have all left the office, and the only light left on is over your desk.

Suddenly, in the shadoww of a far corner, you hear a metallic click. And then you SEE IT COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sort of wish it had been that dramatic - I stapled my own thumb yesterday. And not with a nice, regular desk stapler. Oh no, I have to use the big, professional level one to seriously attach the fabric I have simply glued on.

And it was SO STUPID - I had been using the stapler just fine until one of the staples stuck just a little - I turned it upside down, checked it, and then somehow DID NOT TURN IT AROUND THE CORRECT WAY and went ahead an PUT A BIG FAT HUGE STAPLER RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY BIG THUMB.

(But isn't this poster just about the coolest things you have ever seen?)


Lisa said...

Definitely a cool poster! Hope your finger is okay.