Monday, August 24, 2009


I need reminders more than most people.

I mean, it's nice when the doctor/dentist office calls the night before and reminds you of your appointment.

It helps when I remember to write the appointment on my calendar.

And when I am REALLY up-to-speed, I even put it on my cell-phone and program it to BEEP and remind me an day/hour/minute before the rendezvous (did you know in Latin that means literally to present yourself?).

But even when ALL the above are done... I STILL FORGET.

So at 9:10 a.m. this morning, I REMEMBERED that I had an eye appointment... ten minutes ago.

They were very nice when I called to apologize and see if I could reschedule.

But I wonder, just a little bit, if I had been ON TIME whether they would have doused my poor eyes with drops that dilated my pupils to the size of the hubcaps on my truck - gooped my eyes with the optical equivalent of K-Y jelly in order to put an actual exam tool right ON my eyeball - AND left me ALL ALONE in an exam room for five minutes with absolutely NO access to computer, Internet, television, Blitz Bejeweled or peanut butter.

I think I've learned my lesson.