Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm using the expression "a senior moment" more and more. I hate to admit how many times I walk into a room and cannot remember what in the (#&%@ I went into that room for. I'm in mid-story and completely forget the point I was ending towards. Even when I am writing a blog, I will get in mid-paragraph and begin thinking about those clogs that I always wear to church and should I try something different maybe in green and did the cat get fed today?

But there are some great things about short-term memory loss.

One thing I love about babies is that they will laugh every time you make the same ridiculous face - regardless of how often you have made it, and perhaps because how stupid you look making it.

My dog, even if he has watched me just walk out of the room, will jump up wagging his tail the instant I walk back in.

Najale, my 985 lbs. lap-horse will, regardless of how many times he gets smacked for it, always nips the back of my shirt. He never actually bites - he just wants to play.

Wait a minute, where was I again?

Oh, yes.

Think of the expression on your mom's face when you pick her up at the airport.

Well, maybe not after a seven-hour flight seated next to overweight man who snored through both movies with his head on her shoulder.

But like how happy your child looks as soon as he spots you in the audience of his first-grade class play where he is portraying Christopher Columbus discovering America.

At least before the Native American League begins protest alongside the Vikings Discovered America First, completely disrupting the entertainment and dissolving the six-year-olds into hysterics as the police come in to remove them from the auditorium.

But you get the point, right? Someone who loves you, who is happy to see you, whose face simply lights up just at the sight of you?

Yesterday, I saw a lot of faces who were saying goodbye to a 29 year old young father, son and husband.

And I think most of us at the funeral got a glimpse, just a
poignant moment and hint of how many joyful expressions are simply beaming as they greet him on the other side of the veil.