Sunday, September 20, 2009


A couple of minutes ago, my grandson issued the ultimate threat to his dad; "I won't be your friend anymore!" He also warned me one afternoon this week that "I'm going to tell mommy about you!" when I insisted he take care of the toys splayed all over the front room.

It's cute to hear things like this from a six-year old, but it also makes me think of reasons people do suddenly not return your phone calls - shy away from conversations - somehow don't see you when you pass by.

Some are just as juvenile as the ones coming from a six-year old:

1) Politics. The two 'dangerous' areas of discussion seem to be this and religion, but I would happily, cheerful and THANKFULLY talk hours and hours on my spiritual beliefs rather than 30 seconds of "wait a minute, you voted for who?!"

2) Other friends. Somehow being able to hold an adult conversation with someone that they cannot is grounds for immediate dislike. Much like if you play with them, you can't play with me.

3) Personal and private life. There are certain subjects that just don't and probably shouldn't come up normally - which way your toilet paper roll hangs (I used to be completely an 'under' roller, and now I am unashamedly an 'over') - whether you are a Pepsi or a Coke drinker - what type of underwear you may put on in the privacy of your own bedroom.

Unless you and I are going to be sharing a whole lot of TP, it doesn't really matter. If your interest is in adorable fluffy white poodles, and mine is Black Labs, it just ain't a big deal.

And if you drink beer on Sunday, watch "Dueling Grizzlies" and hang out with the county's Lesbian Homeschooling Support Group, I may be tempted to throw a large stone or two in your direction ("But that's just wrong, I can't been see supporting that") - but hopefully stop as soon as I realize all of us live in extremely large glass huts of our own creating.


Annette said...

According to Demetri Martin (comedian), they should change the saying, "Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house" to "You shouldn't ever throw stones." He also says that if you DO live in a glass house and get trapped inside, then you SHOULD throw stones, in fact the only people allowed to throw stones are those trapped in glass houses.