Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'll freely admit that I am slow at times.

I confuse Maryland for Mexico, I call my kids and my grandkids by my animals' names, and I more frequently that not cannot a sentence out get in manner the correct.

See what I mean?

However, I still get frustrated and irritated when having to deal with my disabled daughter on the telephone.

Joy and I deliberately restrict most of our communication to texting. It's almost impossible to get into a violent argument when you are having to push the "7" key four times to get one single solitary 's' out there.

So I actually talk to Joy normally only once or twice a day - usually in the evening when she gets home or is going to bed - and for her to sum up her day and ask me (repeatedly) the same questions.

I normally am playing on the computer, writing sometime meaningless on my blog, and/or am engrossed in a repeat episode of NCIS that I have watched at least fifteen times, so this is quality meaningless time that I am spending here.

My goal is always to listen listen listen, not not NOT get defensive (in particular when she reminds me of something I have promised to do and so of course have not even begun to think about).

I attain this status about twice a month.

So the last night I was home, and was trying to patiently listen to Joy's whining and moaning and groaning and (in particular) remind me of what I had promised to do with the laptop BEFORE I left for three weeks, I realized (once again) something.

This is exactly what God must be feeling every single time we complain about how difficult our life is and how this is taking forever and we can't deal with it anymore and He has gotta do something about it for us because WE DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE.

I'm amazed He never hangs up on us.