Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Many empty-nesters moan and groan about how lonely & empty their homes seem when the last child moves out.

When my youngest moved out (finally), I cheered and celebrated (TWO extra bottles of Diet Coke and a sandwich from Quizno's).

It left only one male creature to pick up after... let me clarify that, one HUMAN male to pick up after.

I still have the dog, horse and cat, but they take care of their books, usually don't leave laundry half-done, and rarely leave any dishes unlicked.

The dogs are always more than willing to warn me of dangers such as the UPS man (somehow the FedEx guy is perfectly okay), the garbage truck, and rabbits grazing in the back yard.

But today, both of the dogs are at the vet's getting their teeth cleaning.

It's oddly quiet.

And I'm not at all certain that I like it.

I guess I am now slightly sympathetic to those people who do moan about their kids leaving.

I miss 'em.