Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yesterday I had two extremely intense dreams.

No, not last night - yesterday when I was trying to catch up on a lot of hours of missed sleep.

In the first one, I was a Muslin woman, in some kind of underground city. I was picking up trash that had been flung all over the sidewalks, and there were people pointing their finger at me and laughing.

The second dream was trying to convince my family (who, as happens in dreams, were completely different people that I am actually related to) that I had to get some sleep (this is some of the reality intruding) and if they would just leave me alone and let me rest, I would stop going as crazy as I was getting in the dream (which, believe me, was pretty insane... but this is also a dream where John Krasinski becomes a close, family member).

Pysch 101 would explain #2 dream - I'm exhausted, I've got several people tugging at my hemline, and I have an extremely unhealthy crush on the character of Jim Halpert.

And #1 is very clear to me.

I've been reading a book by Karen Armstrong about the prophet Muhammad. Very readable and respectful to Islam, but also a very human look at the prophet and his people dealing with a growing religion.

I don't think it occurs to many Latter-Day Saints that we have a lot of similarities to Muslims. We both have a latter-day prophet - we were both pushed out of quite a few areas before we found somewhere we could settle - we were pioneers in women's rights (yes - Muhammad was, for his time, a radical supporter of women's right).

Perhaps because of reading this book, I feel a sudden affinity with Muslims.

And although it wasn't as much fun as having Jim Halpert (perhaps I should rephrase that), it makes sense for this to show up in my dreams.