Thursday, December 3, 2009


Some things I simply do NOT forget.

I mean, things besides my social security number, my own phone number and my kids' names.

But I am very consistent in keeping my keys and my wallet in the exact same place for easy retrieval- and for the pure and simple fact I would never, ever, find them again.

However, last night I did assume ("which makes an ass out of me and you") that my wallet would have my driver's license and military identification in it.

Which are two things which are essential when you need to actually register into a hospital for a sleep study.

Bless the sweet lady at the reception desk late last night -- she signed me in on my word only.

But it wasn't the slumber party I anticipated, and for which I brought my blankee and teddy.

I spent last night hooked up to aprx. 37 wires glued to my scalp, three chest straps, two monitors stuck up my nostrils AND two infrared cameras monitoring my every move. And then was supposed to SLEEP a regular night's sleep.

The polysonography test is designed to check my breathing, see if I had sleep apnea, and if I did, awaken and force me to wear a CPAP mask (illustrated on the right).

And believe it or not?
I actually did SLEEP.

At least a little.

Now excuse me - I need to make up 8 hours of missed sleep.