Saturday, December 5, 2009


I freely admit to being a wimp about a lot of things - however, I am going to tell you about just a couple (I do have a little pride).

Like I hate camping. I love the concept of being and sleeping outdoors in the mountains or at the beach

Except for one small item:


I am just a little fanatical about washing my hands, and hand sanitizer just doesn't feel like enough. Although I certainly wished I had invested heavily in Purell right before H1N1 (the flu previously known as swine) got into the news.

And I think having a ceramic toilet indoors as opposed to crapping in the woods goes with mentioning (and you don't wish I hadn't?!).

I do love lying on top of a sleeping bag, looking up at the endless stars... but only when it's about 82 degrees outside.

That's my main weakness - I can't stand cold.

Everyone argues the point that in theory it's easier to bundle up against cold, and that you can only strip down to your skin when it's hot.

Well, that may be true for the rest of the world, but it doesn't work for me. Once it's less than 82 degrees, it's cold. Regardless of how many layers I wrap around myself.
Right now it's 28 degrees - so you guess how I am doing right now.