Friday, December 25, 2009


I am becoming less flexible - or more inflexible, I guess.

I can still touch my toes.... if I bend my knees.

My downward facing dog has been mistaken for a upward bottom cat, but I at least try... once a month or so.

And I can't switch gears quickly any more.

No, not those kind of gears, I mean when you change plans, orientation, direction.

It takes a while for me to build up steam to get in motion, but once I do, I want the engine to run hot for as long as it can.

So this evening, I laid out a very detailed plan to clear and conquer several large containers of papers, photos and old passports, mainly to atone for spending Christmas Day larger flat on my back reading my favorite present.

I was actually beginning to make some progress - the momentum was building - it was growing...

And someone doesn't understand why a rather rude interruption with 1) coming up behind me with making any addible noise (and yes, being half-deaf, a noise I can hear actually needs to be quite loud), 2) giving me an article which I actually needed to pay attention to, and 3) THEN giving me his cell phone with his mom's number already dialed and WALKS OUT, casually asking that I bring the phone to HIM when I get finished speaking with my mother-in-law.

Again, I do NOT change gears well anymore.