Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tonight was one of those spectacular sunsets which, luckily for me, are a fairly normal event in my life.

Red rimmed clouds, purple hues, streams of light coming over the mountains with just wisps of clouds at the snow-capped peaks.

Honestly - it was that breathtakingly beautiful.

As a child, I could see the barren Sierra Madres when the smog wasn't too thick.

I like this much better.

And I did stand at attention with my dog by my side, and I did sing "America The Beautiful" out loud (badly, but Murray didn't seem to mind), and wished that everyone else in the United States - nay, in the entire world, could see this - and put aside our petty differences, biased views and prejudiced opinions, and be joined together in the belief that we are all here to help one another.

All religions, all nations, all political parties, all cultures - that's the reason we are here, and that's the lesson we all need to learn - somehow.

Glorious sunsets like this seem to make it obvious - at least to me.

Any way we can think of a way to pass this on to everyone else?


Annette said...

We both did blog posts about sunsets! Cool! There is something glorious and spiritual about them...thanks for sharing your thoughts.