Thursday, January 28, 2010


Morgan Freeman is going the voice-over for a Visa commercial - it combines the Olympics, a family death, victory, and an adorable beautiful baby girl with that sublime, lower-than-low intonation of his.

It's like saying no to Benjamin Kinsley when he is dressed as Gandhi.

It would be refusing to have Helen Mirren as Queen Elisabeth sit down in your presence.

Or to take Eddie Murphy seriously.

Wait a minute, am I that influenced by actors? Or is just voices?

I kinda like the fact that almost everyone doesn't like hearing their own voice - well, people over the age of eight. And aren't heading towards a career in broadcasting.

Some voices just are iconic - like Orson Welles, James Earl Jones, Jimmy Stewart. Mae West is the epitome of sultry, sexy female - Sandra Bullock is the all-American mid-west girl.

(And Meg Ryan's voice is just annoying - I do like her, a lot, but I don't like her voice - only exception is a couple of good lines from "French Kiss")

So give me your honest opinion - who does the best God voice? Morgan Freeman - George Burns (does anyone besides me remember that one, with John Denver?) - Graham Chapman (Holy Grail) - and can anyone think of anyone else?

And I promise you, if anyone is gonna be struck by lightening, it's gonna be ME, not you!


Annette said...

I remember "O God!"...haven't seen it for eons. I love voices, too...Orson Welles is tops, Alan Rickman is divine, and Jeff Bridges could read the phone book and melt my heart. (PS--I can't stand Meg Ryan...voice, acting, etc etc etc)

Anonymous said...

Donald Sutherland.