Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This afternoon while wrestling with two dogs, a leash, my half-tied hiking boots and the front door, I had a bit of a epiphany (doesn't everyone in situations such as this? The yoga pose underneath the lotus tree is highly over-rated).

Well, a reflection, I guess, is a more accurate description.

I saw quite literally my front room backwards - looking into the mirrored frame under which hangs my jacket, several scarfs, and quite a few dust bunnies.

And it immediately clarified the order (or in my case, lack of) which demanded attention in order to reach that feng-shu peace and harmony I try (vainly) to reach in my home.

I thought about it for a while (once the dogs, leashes and boots were sorted out), and realized I needed to look at my life through that mirror sometimes. Not in an Alice-In-Wonderland sort of way (I stopped drugs a long, long time ago), but to refresh both the incredible blessings in my life and to highlight additional baggage that I unthinkingly still drag behind me every day.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some trash to move.