Monday, March 1, 2010


I have always loved writing, but I think it is mainly because I do so badly at articulating my thoughts.

Although that has never stopped me from expressing my opinion, I must admit.

The only reason this blog has had over 600 entries (wow, 600... isn't that just a little bit scary?) is because I can pound out one random bit of lunacy and easily follow it up with 527 more words.

Wow - that's even more frightening.

Anyway, we have one little local paper for our county. Our whole county, which is slightly larger than the state of Delaware.

And I live in Arizona, which is the state that elected Barry Goldwater and John McCain (although it also carried Bill Clinton in 1996 - funny, eh?) - yes, you can call us red.

So the majority of public opinion expressed around here is a little bit right of center of right... on the right-handed side on that. And then even more a little bit to the right.

But only occasionally does something written in the newspaper make my make-your-opinion-known-through-a-letter-to-the-editor twitch and spasm.

Tonight was one of those, however.

And although it is certainly due to the small population which this particular newspaper reaches, my letters always seem to get published.

Does that count as being a published author? I mean, this letter and the classified ad I placed for my cat together - do you think I can add that to my resume now?