Thursday, April 1, 2010


There is a battle going on between my cat and me, and the cat is winning.

Pandora has been banned from my bedroom to provide myself with at least one allergy-free area.

And it's difficult, because you can't simply shut the bedroom door - it doesn't latch completely, and Pandora will repeatedly throw himself against the door until it opens (this is not a small cat - at around 25 lbs he can pack a pretty big wallop).

My dog will lie right in the doorway to keep the cat out, but Pandora can jump over him much quicker than poor old arthritic Murray can get up (which is interesting because Pandora is actually older than Murray).
So I have been forced to resort to violence - throwing tennis balls at him.
Now, this is a smart cat... much smarter than I am at this stage of my life. So he sits just outside of range, and does something much worse.
Simply stares at me.  

It's a battle of wills...

... and he is winning.