Sunday, April 4, 2010


After years and years of scorn for insomniacs, I am now dependent on a small blue pill if I expect to get any actual sleep.

But now I need to plan for a few nights of staying awake all night.
There are certain advantages, honestly, to being awake all night - such as:

- Hours and hours of stunningly awful grade-B movies, like "Godzilla Meets Vampire Baby" and "Human Zombies At The Prom."

- Finding all the your friends who are also insomniacs on Facebook and writing what will appear tomorrow as meaningless babble but at the moment appears incredible profound.

- The number of infomercial that promise instant youth, immediate slender and fit bodies, erections that may last up to four hours all for never-ending payments of $34.99 a month, payable through any type of plastic, just call our operators in Sri Lanka within the next five minutes.

- The ever increasing weight of your exhausted limbs as the exhaustion grows; it is novel.

- The gradual, almost unmeasurable but beautiful moments of increasing luminous in the east.
- Finally falling asleep just as the rest of the world is waking up, into that deep deep zone of fatigue that hits the absolute bottom of dreamless sleep.

I think I better wait until tomorrow night, however - than I can sleep when everyone else is gone.


Lisa said...

I may be seeing you on Facebook!