Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'm a little bit homesick.

I think I am missing my dog and my horses more than anything else - and perhaps a unlimited amount of hot water every night, as compared to sharing with five other people at the moment.

I had a great deal of fun tonight looking up the Google map directions from Palominas Arizona to Aiea Hawaii tonight - it's from my house, through Las Vegas, up to Boise, keep going until through Seattle, and then kayak 2,743 miles to the windward side of Oahu and take Hwy. 92 over to here.

But I've also been scanning the Internet headlines for Arizona news.

And the main media is all about the passing of our newest bill - which makes more legal to do what is already on the books to enforce illegal immigration.

And I can't help but repeat a few things, if nothing else just for myself:

Point #1 - Please note again that is all about ILLEGAL immigration - ILLEGAL.

Point #2 - I live three miles from the border of Mexico, in an area that sees a LOT of illegal immigrants AND drug traffic.

Point #2 - And anyone that wants to boycott Arizona, go right ahead - we've got too many people here already.