Friday, May 14, 2010


I thought as you got older, it was automatic that maturity followed. You learned things, stopped doing the stupid ones, did all the good and right ones, and it all got easier and easier.


At least not with me.

While my physical body is strictly adhering to the normal symptoms of middle-age (increasing body weight, shrinking height, stomach getting bigger and bigger while breasts and skin acknowledge that gravity works), my emotional reactions to a lot of human interaction remain on about a three-year-old's level.

And trust me, I currently have a three-year-old around to guarantee that.

I get my feelings hurt, I pout, I hide in the corner. I get jealous, I want attention, and it's ALL me me me me me.

While celebrating my 55th birthday, no less, I kinda wanna start a fight.

When am I finally gonna grow up? Ever?

I like the idea of being as a child - innocent, faithful, believing - I just need to get rid of the childlike reactions.


Let's try again.