Monday, May 17, 2010


One of the signs of aging is sight becoming weaker. 

And right now my eyesight is the equivalent of the 99 lb. weakling getting sand kicked in his face.

I can see - I still can drive - I can read regular print... if I have my reading glasses and regular daylight and not too much distraction when I come to big words.

But a little farther away, moving blobs on the horizon transform into trucks thundering down the highway straight at me... or sometimes rain clouds instead.

What appear to be wind-swept leaves transform into small birds.

Street signs are only readable when you come to a complete and sudden stop, ignoring the screech of brakes behind you and the outpouring of profanity from the six cars piled up behind you.

Smiling at an approaching familiar face can turn into a look of sheer panic when the face slowly solidifies into that of a complete stranger wearing similar colors. How can you politely retract a smile without appearing to be mentally handicapped?

I feel like the high school student who passes every class... with a C minus.