Monday, May 17, 2010


We are all performers in one way or another.

We show our sunny side at community gatherings, church, and while watching our children perform at school plays.

We look thoughtful and interested when someone is speaking to us and we need to pretend we are listening with some degree of concern and attention.

We complain and commiserate when with our friends, and share a small section of our hearts as they share with us.

And we only cry in our closets and pillows late at night when no one can hear us.

And most individuals seem to have a deep-rooted fear of appearing foolish in front of large groups of people.

However, I seem to have been born without that particular gene.

I can (and did) perform a very silly combination of karate, karaoke and kick-boxing this very morning on a public beach on the windward side of Oahu.

I also today attempted to disable an "official use only" divider on a major freeway in Hawaii to be able to make a completely illegal u-turn - and was chastised over the loudspeaker by someone monitoring the tunnel we were trying to get out of entering.

And I am teaching next Sunday to a group of adults whom I have never met.

I might be more concerned about appearing the fool - but tell me, why?