Wednesday, May 5, 2010


1. Why is salmon spelled with an "l"? I've heard the 'silent e' since I was little, but when did the l become silent?

2. How come almost every editorial I read that is all over Arizona for our latest illegal immigration bill is written by someone in Wisconsin or Tennessee?

3. And does any body outside of the southwest realize how HUGE the border between Mexico and the United States is? Like miles and miles and miles and miles of simply open LAND. So the concept of 'closing the border' isn't like shutting the gate to keep the cows in.

4. Why do the British drive on the left side of the road? Does it really have anything to do with swords, or is it just the British like being different? And in Great Brittan, do they call driving on the right side of the road driving the "wrong" way?

5. Does your dog have an unusual name? Why do we end up naming our animals 'human' type names? Is it part of our anthropomorphic tendencies? And is there a better name for it instead of anthropomorphism? I always have to look up how to spell it.

6. When we use the expression "no facial hair," why aren't eyebrows part of it?

7. Why are the numbers on a calculation and a phone are exactly opposite?

8.  If time heals all wounds, then explain belly buttons to me.

Okay, thanks, I have it out of my system now.