Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Dogs have gotten a bad name. For example... 

A barking dog never bites -- barking up the wrong tree -- gone to the dogs -- to be in the dog house -- sick as a dog -- dog-eat-dog life -- mean as a junk yard dog -- a dog's life --  can't teach an old dog new tricks -- work like a dog.

My dog, Murray, is the best example of Christ-like love that I can imagine (outside of Marcia Price, of course). He loves me totally and completely no matter what - he is always willing to do anything I want -- he will wait for me forever.

And I feel almost the exact same way towards him.

Delilah is my husband's greyhound, and he has been gone the past week to our niece's wedding. So I paid extra attention to her in his absence - petting her, brushing her, and simply spoiling her.

And how rapidly her alliances changed.

When someone is regularly ignored, the slightest attention is almost overwhelming by comparison. The sunflower will follow the brightest image without any prejudice. And the neglected will respond to the smallest gesture.
I find myself relating to the greyhound.

And that's more that a little pathetic.