Thursday, June 24, 2010


My husband emailed me this as part of a much longer joke this morning:

You can retire to Phoenix AZ where

- You are willing to park 3 blocks away because you found shade.
- You have over 100 Mexican recipes
- The 4 seasons are tolerable, hot, really hot & ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!
I live as far away from Phoenix as I possibly can and still be in Arizona, and as far away from a city as my husband's daily commute to Ft. Huachuca will allow (and believe me, if gas was cheaper it would be further still).
And as a 'rural" resident of Southern Arizona, I'd like to add a couple for being down here:
You can live in rural Arizona when you are willing to...
-- Drive ten miles for a gallon of milk.
-- Sleep through Border Patrol arrests in your front yard at 2 a.m.
-- Dust your bookcases and furniture each and every day (honestly) and then the very next day and the next...
-- Learn to take 45 second showers when your well gets really really low
And I need to add one more.
-- When you call 911 for a coyote.
I like coyotes - the animal type - they keep the rabbit population down, as long as I keep the garbage bagged and covered, they don't bother me or mine.

(It also may be because my dog Murray strongly resembles a coyote)

But there are certain behaviors you can count on with a coyote:

-- You won't see them in broad daylight unless there is a very, VERY long period of drought.

- Coyotes will run away as soon as they spot you.

So when you see a coyote, late morning, standing in the middle of a fairly busy (by rural Arizona standards at least) highway acting extremely confused and befuddled, it's a good idea to take note.

I chased him off the highway, at least, and called 911 to warn of a potential rabid coyote.

Can you think of any way I can call in more of the human coyotes we have down here?